MSEA Peritan in the Griend

Hey everyone! Yesterday at the sports market of Inkom, we as MSEA Peritan had our first public and in-person event! It was super exciting to be part of the biggest celebration of students sports associations in Maastricht. A huge shoutout to everyone stopping by! Time flew with so many of you joining for a chat or a race in Mario Kart. We hope you had just as much fun as we had getting to know all of you!

The action does not end with the sport-event, however. We have a bunch of activities coming up in the next few days and weeks, so make sure to join us! Tonight at 18:00, we are meeting up in the Stadtspark for a few drinks (you are very welcome to bring your favorite drink and a blanket if you’ve got one) and an online game night will take place on Monday 23rd. If you want to be up to date regarding all of our latest activities, you can enter our mailing list and WhatsApp Group here. See you then!

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