Mystery PeriLAN 2023 Edition

MSEA Peritan and MSV Incognito are happy to announce this year’s Mystery PeriLAN. Our overnight LAN party will be filled with video games, board games, competitions, and all other sorts of fun! So bring out your laptops, PCs, and other gaming devices, and join us for an amazing night.

There will be competitions in games like League of Legends, GS:GO, Valorant, Fifa, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros.
In addition, there will be different consoles with all sorts of party games and multiplayer games to try out with your friends.
And lastly, we will have a broad selection of board games available which includes titles like Exploding Kittens, Catan, Ticket to Ride, Codenames, Saboteur, and many more. All in all, there will be many fun activities for you and your friends to do!

Location: Stellendaal 15, Maastricht (Easily reachable with public transport by taking bus 1 or 2). Bikes have to be parked on the school terrain and not outside of it.
Date and Time: 18:00 on Friday 19th of May until 10:00 on Saturday. In order to guarantee some peace and quiet in the neighborhood entering and leaving has to be done before 23:30 or after 7:00. (Exemptions can be made in case of emergencies.)
Ticket price: 10 euros. We take all payments at the event location in form of cash, tikkie, or card (paying with card will have a fee of 20 cents).

Other information for participants:

  1. By buying a ticket the participant has the right to a place at a table with a chair where there is enough space to put a laptop or PC with one screen.
  2. Bringing laptops, PCs, and consoles is at the participant’s own risk, so do keep an eye on your stuff. There will also be crew watching, but they cannot oversee everything.
  3. Every participant has to comply with the general code of conduct of MSEA Peritan. If the crew finds that a participant is not complying with the rules they have the right to exclude this participant from the event.
  4. There will be consoles and board games available at the event, these can be borrowed at the bar by trading in a valid ID card or driver’s license. When the console is brought back to the bar in a good state the document will be returned.
  5. There is a bar at the venue that offers cold lemonades and beers for decent prices, in addition to this you are allowed to bring some of your own snacks and drinks. Make sure to clean up after yourself.
  6. At the entrance, we will check your ID to see if you are of legal drinking age. 18 and above will get a stamp so that they can get beers at the bar.
  7. There will be a designated smoking area outside, to respect the neighborhood and the venue, stay in this area and be quiet.

To get in the mood for the event enjoy these pictures of last year’s LAN party!

Are you interested in coming to the Mystery PeriLAN?

Our event is made possible by three wonderful parties that support the youth of Maastricht in making their plans come true.

Stichting Stadsnomade Maastricht